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Hanover Township School Age Childcare
61 Highland Ave. Whippany, New Jersey 07981
973-515-2449   fax 973-637-5516

Schedule Changes/New Enrollment -  selena.appel@hanovertwpschools.org
Billing Questions/Receipt Requests - meg.bartholomew@hanovertwpschools.org

Fee Schedule and Additional Program Fees

Effective July 1, 2016-June 30, 2017

Enrollment Policies/Fees

The Fees and Discounts described in this section are subject to change with the approval of the Board of Education and with 60 days advanced notice to all subscribers.

HTSACC Enrollment is for a minimum of one month.  The child/ren’s attendance must also remain the same on a weekly basis.  To register child/ren, registration materials must be received in the HTSACC office on or before the dates posted on this site and on the school calendar.  Children may begin attendance in the programs on the first of a month.  Schedule changes may take place once per month, for the upcoming month.  All changes must be made in writing via e-mail, fax or a letter mailed or placed in the drop-box.  Verbal requests can not be accepted and all schedule change requests must be made on or before the posted monthly cut-offs.  A $20.00 schedule change fee is applied for all schedule changes.  There are no refunds or credits given for absences from the program on a scheduled day.

Registration:  Enrollment forms, Family Information and Health Forms must be completed and returned before your child begins the program.  After registration is received, you will receive a confirmation letter and a coupon book for monthly payments. School Year enrollment and Camp HTSACC enrollment require separate registration packets.

School Year Enrollment Fee: All enrollees of HTSACC must pay an annual non-refundable fee of $35 for the program year (September through June) per family.  This payment must be received with your enrollment materials or your enrollment may be delayed.

Service Fees/Payment:  School year Monthly payments are due on the 15th of the month prior to childcare services.  Payments must include a $25 late fee if they are postmarked later than the first day of the month of service. Coupon books should be used to assure appropriate payment of fees.  You may pay for more than one month at a time.

A check or money orders made payable to HTSACC accompanied by the coupon for the month should be MAILED to HTSACC, 61 Highland Avenue Whippany, New Jersey 07981. You may also hand deliver payments to the HTSACC office between 9 AM-3 PM or leave the payment in our SECURE Drop Box outside of the HTSACC office.  At no time should payments be given to program staff or children to deliver.

The service fee is a monthly payment for the HTSACC programs for which your child is enrolled. The monthly fee is determined by dividing the cost for the entire year by ten equal monthly payments. Therefore, regardless of the number of school days in a particular month, the monthly service fee is always the same.

Receipts of Payment:  To receive a receipt of payments made to HTSACC, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your payment.  You may also contact the HTSACC office in writing for a faxed or e-mailed copy of your receipt. TAX ID # 22 600 18 56

 Discounts: Families who enroll more than one child in the HTSACC program will receive a discount on the fees for each additional child.  Discounts are already calculated in the fee schedule for families with multiple children.  Also, discounts are applied to any child enrolled in more than one HTSACC program.  In all cases, the discounts will be applied to the least expensive program in question.

 Discounts for Hanover Board of Educations employees:  Families who are employed by the Hanover Township Board of Education will receive a 20% discount on total enrollment fees, as will employees of the Hanover Park Regional High School District who are residents of Hanover Township.  This discount does not apply to Enrichment classes, Holiday Care or Field Trips.

Delinquent payments: The service fee payment is considered late if not postmarked by the 1st of the month for which your child is enrolled.  A late notice is sent within the first week of that month requesting immediate payment of any and all fees, including a $25.00 per week late fee.

If the monthly service fee remains in arrears on the 15th day of the month of service, a second notice will be mailed, advising of a deadline date for receipt of all past due service feesIf this final deadline is not met, a date for termination of childcare services is established and upheld.  In this event, the child’s teacher as well as our program staff is advised that the child may not attend the HTSACC programs effective on the date that is indicated on this final collection letter.  The child will be sent home at the end of the child’s school day via school bus or picked up by an authorized adult.

It is our objective to make every reasonable effort to accommodate extenuating financial circumstances that may cause a late or incomplete payment.  However, it is of utmost importance that the special circumstance be communicated to the Program Coordinator so that a mutually agreeable resolution can be made between the parent and the program administration.  If there is no communication effort by the parent when delinquent payment notices and/or follow-up calls are made, we must assume that the parent/guardians has no intention to meet this financial responsibility leaving HTSACC with no alternative than to terminate services.

Availability of Reduced Fees:  Reduced childcare fees are available for all enrollees of HTSACC programs providing certain criterion are met.  All requests for reduced fees will remain confidential and each request will be carefully considered.  The determination and amount of reduced fee is based on family size, annual income and available funding .    If you would like more information please contact HTSACC for Reduced Fee application.  Application must be submitted in July and is valid through June.

Schedule Changes:  Schedule Changes can be made once per month and are effective the first day of the upcoming month.  Requests for schedule changes must be received no later than the posted date on the District Calendar on this web-site.  All schedule changes MUST be received in writing - no verbal changes can be accepted.  All schedule changes incur a $20.00 change fee. 

Cancellation of Services:  Notice must be given in writing prior to withdrawal from the program and must be received in writing before the monthly deadlines given for schedule changes.  Withdrawal will be effective the 1st day of the following month.  Families are responsible for fees for the month reserved until the withdrawal is effective.  Cancellation of services is considered a schedule change and the schedule change fee will apply.

 Late Pick up:  Fee for over the scheduled time:  6:00 PM for ASK. The fine is $15.00 per 15 minute increment or any part thereof, per child.  Chronic lateness is grounds for cancellation of services. 

Program Fees:  The chart reflects the fees PER MONTH of child care.

                                                                   5days/wk         4day/wk           3days/wk         2days/wk             1day/wk


One Child

Two Children











After School Kids

One Child

Two Children











Earlybirds and
After School Kids

One Child

Two Children















Emergency Attendance - available only for children already registered with HTSACC in the current year

When an Emergency situation arises and your child needs to attend the program for a day in addition to the regular their schedule, we can help.  Please call or e-mail the office or site so we know to expect your child.  IMPORTANT - ALWAYS send a note to your child's teacher, via backpack, on the day that you are using Emergency Attendance.  Without a note to the school, normal dismissal procedures will apply.  The fees are as follows, per child:

Earlybirds After School Kids
$10 per day $30 per day

Early Dismissal:

When an early dismissal falls on a day where a child is normally scheduled to attend, there is no fee. When an early dismissal falls on a day where a child is NOT normally scheduled to attend, there is an additional fee of $45 per child.  Please follow the notification process above.

Holiday Care










 *  If there is a scheduled field trip on a Holiday Care day, your child must attend the trip.  Field trip prices are listed on the Holiday Care registration paperwork.  We do not leave anyone at the site when we are on field trips.






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